Coaching & Hypnotherapy specialising in maternal well-being

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If you’ve ever dreamt of getting out of your own head and into a happy, fulfilled life, then you’re in the right place.

Whether you’re someone who overthinks everything or continually drags up the past, the busy mum who fails to fit her own oxygen mask first then I have the key to getting you unstuck and back on track.

I’m Josie and i AM hypnotherapist & cOACH specialising in maternal wellness.

I help women just like you to feel empowered to transform your emotional health so that you can create a worry-free mindset and build a lifestyle you love. 

I’ve been supporting women therapeutically since 2004. Over that time I’ve deepened my knowledge with further professional training, building on my degree in Education and Psychology with certified NLP coaching and Hypnotherapy training at the prestigious Clifton Practice in Bristol. I have also had the privilege to gain extensive hands-on experience , by working with women and children in therapeutic settings with two national charities and within the social care arena.

Over the years I’ve learnt many amazing tools which have helped me to manage my own personal anxiety monster which often unearthed itself in times of stress. In particular, when I was pregnant with my first baby. (Read my blog HERE )

This real-life experience of anxiety fulled my desire to create a service to help real women. It is my absolute passion! So, after having my second baby I made the big decision to take this experience and set up my own business.

I now work both online, world wide and locally in my therapy space in Salisbury ,supporting women as a coach and hypnotherapist. 

It’s my mission to help more women embark on their personal journey to overcome stress, worry and anxiety so they can live a calm, confident life on their own terms. 

When you work with me you will:

  • Gain tools and techniques to manage your mindset every time you feel that inner critic take over.

  • Optimise your mind for growth and stop talking yourself out of doing the things you really want to do.

  • Be able to focus on consistently moving forward, even when you face setbacks, challenges and blocks. 


As a hypnotherapist and coach and founder of Worry Free, my philosophy centres around:

  • Showing people that transformation is ALWAYS possible; that they can change how they think and feel no matter what they’ve been through.

  • Demonstrating the idea that your mindset really is your superpower! How simple mindset shifts can help everyone from mothers to CEOs, young women starting out to seasoned entrepreneurs.

  • Highlighting the fact that constant overthinking, overworking and living in overwhelm leads to feelings of being stuck, reduced creativity, sluggish brain power and leaves little space for fun, adventure and growth.

If you’re ready to make changes then get in touch.


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