Anxiety Melt -Audio Download

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Melt away anxiety.png

Anxiety Melt -Audio Download


Melt away anxious ,stressful feelings with this beautifully relaxing audio track.

Use anytime, anywhere for instant calm.

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How it works:

1- Download this track to your chosen device.

2- The audio will give you positive suggestions to help you turn down your fight or flight responses and return to the hear and now.

3-Play whenever you are feeling anxious or stressed.

Customer reviews: 

" This audio has been a ray of sunshine for me when I'm feeling under stress or starting to get anxious. I use it when i'm getting my children ready for school in the morning and it's really helped me stay calm"

Busy Mum - Mrs B

" I love that you don't need to lay down to use this track. You can use it anywhere and it helps you feel relaxed and focused."

Becky Miller  - VA