Sleep Easy - Hypnosis Audio Download

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Sleep Easy - Hypnosis Audio Download


A relaxing hypnosis audio to get your sleep back on track and have you waking up feeling re energised !

This natural sleep remedy is simple to use to improve your sleep straight away.

The hypnotic language and guided imagery will enable you to relax your mind and body easily, even if you normally struggle with meditation and mindfulness.

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How it works:

1-Download this relaxing track to your chosen device.

2- Prepare yourself for sleep as normal.

3- Get comfy and play your audio with or without head phones.

4- Relax and let the words of the hypnotic guided imagery wash over you.

5- You will drift off into a deep relaxing sleep. No need to ‘hear’ every word. Your subconscious mind will be listening.

6- Repeat this process every night for a week to 30 days and you will notice a difference in your energy and motivation.

Customer reviews:

"I was having trouble with waking in the early hours of morning when I came across the amazing, Josie Louise Brocksom and her wonderful 'Sleep audio.' Josie certainly knows her stuff and on the very first night after receiving the audio I felt the benefit. I was so much more relaxed while listening to Josie's sleep audio and I woke brighter and more alert than I had in a long time. I have increasingly noticed more and more benefits from listening to the sleep audio, such as feeling more relaxed and even more motivated. I highly recommend the lovely, Josie's sleep audio and I am also going to be checking out her other awesome services too. A big thank you to you, Josie, your truly a blessing".

Jane Jones- Mindset Strategist

" Your sleep audio saved me this week. I usually find it really difficult to fall asleep when my husband is away and wake often with nightmares but not this time. Yay!!!!!! Thank you xxxx"

" My son is often up in the night, and so getting to sleep, and getting back to sleep quickly is really important. The first night I listened to Josie's incredible sleep hypnosis I couldn't believe it! I had listened to this type of thing before but NOTHING worked as well as hers, and continues to work too!"

Helen Packham - Business Coach