4 weeks postpartum...

4 weeks of broken sleep has been worth it for all the baby snuggles. That said I’m feeling the burn of recovering from major surgery an anaesthetic plus looking after two kids and and baby. 

I’m so grateful for everyone who’s checked in on me and helped with the boys. Friends that have delivered cake and biscuits and just dropped me a text to say hi. You are true stars. 

Being unable to drive or exercise aside from walking has been a massive mental challenge for me. I  being forced to experience life in the slow lane. Normally I’m running around at full pelt. Even after my second baby I was back to normal duties within a matter of days. This time I’m being made to rest and to take a step back and let others help. Not an easy task for someone like me who’s naturally over functioning at the best of times. 

Also the staples of my good mental health diet have also been taken away. I’ve always used exercise, keeping busy and connected to others as a way of keeping anxiety and low mood from taking over. 

Right now I can feel the walls are coming in on me. As an introvert I don’t have a problem spending time alone but there can be too much of a good thing. The low feelings are there bubbling under the surface - I can feel them rising up at different times of the day . But I know it’s not the real me. I’m a victim of circumstance and I can feel my brain chemistry is matching that. It’s my job to try and turn that around.

Maybe you can relate in your own life? That feeling of lowness can creep in at anytime. 

Here’s what’s working for me to get back on top: 

  1. Introducing a basic routine. Nothing too rigid as I have a baby to look after but trying to do the same things at the same time to make a structure to the day helps me feel in control. 

  2. Fresh air and seeing the sky. So far I’ve only managed sitting in the garden on my own but today I’m challenging myself to do a proper walk with the pram. 

  3. Planning to see people. Although my inner introvert wants to just stay in the house and stay quiet I know I feel better when I have one or two things planned. I can always cancel - right? 

  4. Noticing the good things all around.  Taking time to be grateful for what I have by listing what’s been good in my day just in my head. Reminding myself that all my achievements big or small matter....

    Starting with writing this. I can only hope it helps someone somewhere today to start feeling better. 💗

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Beware of other peoples stories

Do you have a good imagination, so good that you can picture other people’s stories ? Are you really good at feeling what others have been through? 

I know this is the case for me & lots of the women I work with. Today was the perfect example of how this super power can bite you. 

As you may know I’m currently in the 3rd trimester with my 3rd baby. I have two gorgeous boys already and I don’t know if this baby is a boy or a girl. Today a well meaning person whom I don’t know that well asked me outright if I would be disappointed if we have another boy. She was completely open & honest and shared that she had felt disappointed with her 3rd boy. That must have been hard to share for her, but I have to say I was a little taken back with her question. 

Before I decided to have another baby I’d spent time making sure I was totally open to which ever perfect gift I get given. But for that moment I was swept up into her story. I was her in the hospital feeling those feelings. It triggered me. It made me question my own feelings... it shook me up into a state of panic.. until I realised this is her stuff... it’s not mine. My experience will never be exactly the same as hers or anyone else’s. I’m me and what ever feelings I have are unique to me. My experience will be unique to me! 

So the moral of this story is ... notice when you are getting swept along with feelings or experiences that don’t belong to you. Don’t let your imagination drag you off to a negative situation that hasn’t even happened. 

When you feel this happening. Say to yourself ‘not mine’ in your head and remember stay in the present moment 

The future’s not ours to see - Que Sera Sera - what will be will be. 


What ever happens you will handle it

This week I feel like I’ve been shielding bullets flying in my direction. Every best laid plan has gone out of the window.

Firstly, I’ve had sick kids at home so I’ve had to change appointments to be on mummy duty. That’s ok, that’s what mums are for. 

Then extra anti natal appointments to check on my baby who apparently is on the small size but thankfully very healthy. 

To top it off I’ve had tech issues that have really slowed me down in my plan to record all the modules for my new course. WiFi has not been my friend at all this week!  And we are still unpacking after moving house. 

All my plans have had to shift and everything has had to change. I know worst things can happen in life, trust me they have in the past, but changing  plans is a big challenge for me that I’ve had to work on. I like routine. I like things to happen when visualised they would. 

Changes like this used to really send me into a panicky, manic, stressy mess.  

I’d fly off into my imagination thinking about all the things that might happen and how stressful it was all going to be. 

I’ve had to learn to manage my thoughts around sudden change so I can change my reactions and stop my negative, panic mind from taking over and spiralling into a full on stress attack. 

The key for me has been in reframing each change situation and looking for the positives.

It’s made a big difference to many areas of my life. I feel so much more resilient because I know I can shift my perspective. 

But it didn’t come naturally to me at all. 

How about you? Do you find change spins you out or do you just roll with it? 

If you are like the old me then start to notice what’s going on for you when it happens. What thoughts are you having? Ask yourself how you could you change your perspective? 

If you want more help with this get on the waiting list for my course by hitting reply to this email.... it’s coming really soon I promise and it will be worth the wait. You even get session 1 for free as soon as it’s released.  Sign up below.


Wishing you a wonderful positive week and remember, what ever happens you will handle it. 


CONFESSIONS of a Hormonal womAn

One is feeling very hormonal.......

Do you find that your mind chatter gets worse when you’re hormonal? 

You know ,those worries that are normally in the back of your mind that you can normally push to one side? Do they suddenly start speaking up?

I’m finding  that my pregnancy hormones have really kicked in this week and it’s like the volume has been turned up on the mind chatter big time. I normally find this happens once a month too. It’s kind of like voice of negativity taking over. Making me question everything, worry about things that might not happen and take everything personally.....

I know when it’s happening. It normally starts with anxiety filled dreams. Wanting to cancel plans and generally holding myself back from anything that might make me feel worse. 

When the negativity monster pops in all I want to do is get it back in its box as quickly as possible because I know it’s not the real me. Right now i know it’s just my hormones and it will pass. 

Sometimes it’s not my hormones. My negativity monster can triggered by life stress, tiredness or just other people being people. What ever starts it, i know that it it’s only temporary. 

I used to feel like a massive failure if I had an off week. I used to just think I was being dramatic and silly, or that I should grow a thicker skin. But actually it is completely normal but I don’t have to let it take over. 

There are 3 thing that I’ve found that make me feel better quickly: 

  1. Having awareness of what’s going on for me, the general pattern that it follows and being ok with that. This too shall pass. 

  2. Giving myself permission to rest. Exhausted me is not a very positive person. The more I rest the better I feel. That means giving myself permission to cancel some stuff and not feeling bad about it. 

  3. Fresh air! Getting outside into the daylight and fresh air is massively under estimated. Even if it’s just walking to the shop it really does lift the mood. 

You can’t stop the rain from falling but you can fashion yourself with a good umbrella ☂️ 

Can you relate? Which of these work for you?

I hope this helps someone today & now I’m off for a power nap!! 

Josie XX 

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It’s packed full of positive psychology tools  you can use to get you out of any mindset dip, hormonal hole or energy slump get you back on track and feeling fabulous. 

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Over-thinking is absolutely exhausting. Of course we don’t mean to do it, it just becomes a really bad habit. It’s like having a thought trapped in your head that you just can’t let go of. You just can’t move on. You are always on edge and ready to analyse. But really you just want to feel calm.

Here are 3 things all over thinkers need to move forward.

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Break the guilty habit....

Wherever I go she is there, pointing out things that I should be doing.

Showing up uninvited just to remind me of what could be improved.

She makes me feel terrible about lots of things. Making me question the small things, like the clothes I never wear or how much time I don’t spend doing housework and the big things like .....

Do my children eat well enough?
Do I do enough activities with them? Am I fully appreciating every tiny moment of their childhoods?

The list is endless.....

I should spend more time relaxing...
I should spend more time on my business....
I should exercise more ....
I should work less or earn more....
I could be a vegetarian... why am I not a vegetarian?

Does my house look tidy enough?

Should I stop spending money and save it for a rainy day or should I be investing in myself?

She’s been there for years- It’s a constant battle of willpower.
A battle that I used to lose. I used to get so caught up, listening to her every word, trying to be all things to all people. Trying to be perfect.

Now I know how to silence her. How to change my focus to all of my achievements and to drown her out her boring nagging voice that pushes me too hard and creates high and unachievable expectations. 

Here's how you can do the same:

1) Understand that guilt is like a bully and bullies respond to strength.......So it's time to be strong and not let that voice be heard.

2) Work out how often guilt shows up for you. 
What is guilt saying to you?
How is it impacting on your emotions?

3) Each time you feel guilty, ask yourself:

Is this is something I want to do something about or just something I feel I should do something about?  Choose to take action on the things you truly feel need your attention. 

4) Start to notice all of your little achievements even the small things and write them down. Celebrate each one and be proud of all that you do. That way you are overriding guilt with joy. Joy is so much more fun to have around. 

Let's break this guilty habit together! 

Love Josie xx

Empath problems...

 Ever been told you are too nice? Perhaps you’re an empath just like me.

💜Being an empath is actually quite hard work. As a naturally empathic human, there is a lot to think about.

💗Empaths are very aware of the thoughts and feelings of others and often do anything to avoid upsetting people. They are highly sensitive to people’s emotions and often ‘feel’ what others are feeling and not saying.

💜I speak from experience when I say that this is a gift that when used correctly can be wonderful.

🙋🏼‍♀️BUT nice girls need boundaries too otherwise it will leave you utterly depleted. 🤦🏼‍♀️

💗As Brene Brown says in her book - Rising Strong as a Spiritual Practice, you cannot continue to be compassionate without boundaries. That doesn’t mean you have to stop being nice, or stop using your empath power. As I’m learning in my own life, you can be nice and strong at the same time!

🙋🏼‍♀️Need some help with this? Pop me a PM xx
Love Josie xx


Is Anxiety Blocking Your Intuition?

Have you ever had that feeling that something just isn't right? 


A strong pull telling you to take action?


 A niggle, a sinking feeling that you just can't shift? 

It can feel like anxiety. It can feel like we are being overdramatic, overly negative or just plain scared. 

For years I've ignored hunches like these. Especially when everyone else around me has not felt the same.

I've often felt the pressure to conform.
To be a good girl. 
To follow the crowd.
To ignore those feelings screaming inside my heart and listen to the opinion of others instead of myself. 

Sometimes I have over intellectualised. Looking at the black and white of a situation does not always give you a true picture. 

Sometimes it's our heart that knows the truth. 

If I look back, this has shown up in my life soooooooooo many times. 

The jobs, I should have never applied for. 
Boys I should never have dated. 
Houses I should never have rented. 
Friendships I should have stepped away from. 

So why do we do this time and time again?  

Why do we ignore our heart feelings and listen to our heads instead?

Acting on a strong intuitive pull like this often means we have to step outside of our comfort zone. 

We have to dare to be different and to stand up for what we know to be right.

 We confuse these strong feelings with anxiety and see it as a  personal weakness.

But maybe, just maybe, if we start to listen to ourselves more we will see that this as our greatest strenght.

 Because when you think about it, our intuition is our greatest superpower. 

Here's what you can do today....

Get our your favourite
 notebook and get ready to reflect. 

Write down all of the times in your life that you had that 'feeling' that something wasn't right or was a bad decision and you ignored it. 

As you think about each situation close your eyes. Focus on what happened. What did you feel? Where in your body did you feel it? what was your heart trying to tell you? What has this taught you? 


Rest and restoration are vital to ensure we are mentally and emotionally at our best.

So when you are starting to feel the burn here are 3 things even busy little you can do to heal yourself. These things won't just make you feel better they will also reboot your brain chemistry. You can't argue with science!

1) Take a Shavasana. 
A Shavasana is the corpse pose used at the end of yoga to rejuvenate the body. You quite simply lay down on your back, breathe deeply and rest. Releasing stress and tension by allowing your body to heal.  Do this for 5, 10, 20,mins. or an hour. It really doesn't matter. The body will still restore itself.

(If you struggle with emptying your mind and would like some guided meditations to  help you chill out scroll to the end of this post.)

2) Have a  5 min dance party! 
This can be either in the car or in your house, alone or with a friend or pet. Find some music that really moves you and sing it loud! Turn up the value as loud as you can so you can almost feel it shaking your insides. Let your voice belt out the tune, even if you can't sing. Get that loud voice from within and scream out those notes. Feel your blood rushing and heart pounding as you jump around like a crazy woman. You will feel refreshed!

3) Connect with another human! 
Find time in your busy life to reconnect with someone who makes you feel completely at ease. Talk it out. Laugh. Go for a walk. Allow yourself to offload and be heard. Show your true self. Don't hold back.  People need people to be healthy. But if we spend our time pretending we don't feel the benefits. 

So, which will you try this week? Why not pop me a reply and let me know which one you enjoy the most. 

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☹️If you're a bad sleeper the chances are you dread going to sleep.
Even when you do drop off you're probably wide awake again after a couple of hours. Stuck, going over your 'to do' list, watching the clock, counting how many hours sleep you have or haven't had and feeling frustrated!


😫Well, in a nutshell, it means my love that you have a lot going on and your brain can't keep up. It thinks you're under threat and has officially wheeled out the health and safety officer to keep you on hyper alert so you stay alive. 🤡


👊🏻Take action! I'm always surprised at a number of people who have just accepted they are a bad sleeper. YOU CAN CHANGE IT so decide that this is non-negotiable. Sleep is happening! At the end of the day, it's as important for your body as drinking so don't ignore it!

Then follow these 3 steps:

1. Start to take action on your stress. Set aside a time every day at least an hour before bed to look at all of your worries and do items. What options do you have? What action could you take and when? Planning to deal with all the 'stuff' removes the pressure from your mind.

2. Detox ! Drinking alcohol and caffeine has a huge impact on your sleep. Cut out alcohol for a while whilst you get this sorted. ( remember the this is a non-negotiable part from earlier?) Ditch caffeine after 2 pm for obvious reasons, this alone will have a big impact. If you have a lot of sugar in your diet, reducing that will also help.

3. Detox your screen time. Ever find yourself still scrolling through Facebook just before lights out? And maybe after....🙄Give yourself an hour before bed that is for total relaxation. No screens, just relaxing activities such as a shower and reading a nice novel.
( cut back on crime thrillers for the time being! 😜 )This gives your body the signal that you are slowing down ready for sleep.

If you take nothing else from the post just remember - sleep is vital so take action today!

I could talk about this all day -so I hope you have found this useful. Let me know in the comments.

If you need more help I'm right here, so pop me a message.

Love Josie 🙋🏼

Ready to take action now??

Feeling tired and sluggish can have an impact on all areas of your life.  

My sleep hypnosis audio will help you to relax and get into a deep sleep so you can wake up feeling refreshed, motivated and ready to start your day. 

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To lift low mood and start moving forward you need these 3 things: 


Which of the 3 do you have the most trouble with? 🤷🏼‍♀️

🙍🏼‍♀️Next time you find yourself stuck in a low & lacking inspiration ask yourself if you have had time to rest and just ‘be’?

😬When we over do it we have no inspiration. We literally cannot think properly and see our way out of problems. 

💆🏼‍♀️The best way to get that inspiration back is to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT, REST & RECOVER. 

🌈Ever find that your best ideas come to you when you are in the shower or driving the car or doing nothing much in particular? 

When your motivation has hit ground zero, go back to the vision. 
Ask yourself ‘how do I want to feel?’ & ‘what does that look like?’ Tap into those feelings and start small. What’s the fastest way to get there?

Start small and start today..... what ones small thing could you do today to get you one step closer to how you want to feel? 

Need more help boosting that motivation? Try my amazing sleep hypnosis to boost your energy and motivation while you sleep. 

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**6 ways worry can spoil your weekend**

1. After a lovely day out with friends you start replaying conversations and worrying about what you said and how it sounded, which reminds you of that thing you did 10 years ago, remember how embarrassing that was? 🤦🏼‍♀️

2. You take some time out to recharge but then feel guilty about all the things you could have done with that time and end up feeling bad for not being the perfect / friend/ wife/ daughter/ sister/mother.....🤷🏼‍♀️

3. You overdo the food and drink and then feel gripped by thoughts of regret and failure but continue to eat crap because you’ve already done the damage. 😳

4. You feel like everyone on Instagram/ Facebook/ Twitter / Snapchat is having a much better time than you and start wondering why your life is so dull.🙁

5. You watch an action movie but then spend time replaying the scary bits in your mind and considering if it COULD happen to you... How might that go.. ?😱

6. Sunday is spent worrying about what might possibly go wrong at work during the week ahead and rehearsing pretend arguments in your head... always best to be prepared 😗

🛑 STOP! 

Every time you worry you are releasing stress hormones around your body. Leaving you on high alert, feeling panicky, tearful and drained.


♥️ You can change how you think and feel! You don't have to live like this!


Click the button to check out my downloadable audios to help you relieve stress and anxiety.  

Josie x

Melt away anxiety (1).png


You are NOT broken!

Your emotional health is always a work in progress.

Just when you think you have it all sorted, something pops up and bites you on the bum. It can feel like a problem that never goes away,

News flash - You might never be fixed -


Life is constantly full of ups and downs.

The thing is, it doesn't matter what happens in your life, it’s how you deal with it that counts. It’s how you respond to each situation and whether you chose to let it stay with you permanently.

I have worked with survivors of cancer and horrific trauma. These women aren't any different, but they do have magic powers.


By changing their perspective….

Choosing to focus on what’s positive in life…….

Choosing strength…...

By looking within themselves for answers instead of waiting to be rescued….

Choosing their thoughts with care…..

So if you feel like you are constantly working on your emotions then let me tell you now that you are normal. As women we are cyclic and we need to learn to accept that it’s okay if life sometimes feels harder.

We just need to learn how to ride the waves of emotion and navigate our way out of every storm.

When I work with you one to one, the work doesn't end at the last session. I equip you with a tool kit which you can continue to use for life. Strategies which will be there waiting for you whenever you need them.

It’s my mission to help you to build your own set of superpowers.

To enable you to listen to your own inner wisdom!

To help you learn how to turn down that voice of fear!

These are skills for life and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Love Josie xx



In a world of buzz phrases one I so often here now is people talking about self care. As coach and Hypnotherapist, this is music to my ears! I'm so pleased that women are starting to name and own what is a basic human need.

The fact is everybody NEEDS to rest. Everybody NEEDS to have time out and absolutely EVERYBODY DESERVES that time out.

But it really is more than just a bubble bath. The simple fact is it's what is going on your mind that matters most.

You can have as many spa days as you like, but if you still talk to yourself as if you're a piece of sh#t ,it's not going to make a single bit of difference!

The thoughts we have become our living reality. The thoughts that we have impact on everything that we do and everything that we are.

So today, do the one thing that will make a big difference:


That my friend, will make a bigger difference to your life than you could ever imagine!

Love Josie 🌸


It's ok to move the goal posts

The key to setting goals without overwhelm is flexibility.

There was a time in my life... a time I refer to as my stress head days... when I wouldn't have even considered changing a goal. I would have seen it as giving up, as a sign of weakness.


The thing that I didn't realise about goals then is they are always a work in progress.

We start with an idea and that turns into a plan with steps that we need to follow.


sometimes life gets in the way, things change, we learn something new, our priorities change or we just change our minds. Our intuition tells us that we need to change direction and focus on a different path.

If we carry on regardless and don't listen to our intuition everything feels forced. You end up dragging yourself along but if your hearts just not in it. In the end It will get you down.

Changing your mind is ok 🤔
Following your intuition is ok 🙄

Being flexible and listening to what feels right will pay off.

So do you feel like you need to move the goal posts?
What would you like to change or let go of right now?

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I used to think I was unlucky....

I used to think I was unlucky. I used tell people that all the time.

Spoiling any positive aspect of my life by working out in advance how it could all quite possibly go horribly wrong...

Spending time in my head creating a feature length Hollywood movie- complete with all the horrifically embarrassing details of my predicted miss-fortune.


When life has served you nothing but stress and sh*t sandwiches it's easy to feel that life will always be that way.
At the end of the day BAD THINGS CAN HAPPEN and you have the proof.

It's easy to think you will always feel on edge and that being anxious is just part of who you are...



Life changed for me when I realised that in order to be lucky, I had to believe that luck was possible.
I had to anticipate happiness for happiness to be mine.

Now I know that there is always a way forward because there are always changes that can be made!

And it's the same for you....

Your behaviour is not who you are!
Your past does not define you!

You can change your perspective!
You can learn to change your reactions and actions!
Your past is in the past!

All you need to do is stop, take a breath and begin.

So are you ready.? your life is waiting..?

The limiting beliefs of Dolly Parton


I went to a wedding this weekend and danced so hard I gave myself a blister in a beautiful Prosecco fuelled haze!

As the band launched into Dolly Parton’s 9-5 I had a sobering thought about how much my life has changed, but also a big part of my drunken mind felt a little sorry for Dolly and her limiting beliefs.

Like Dolly, not so very long ago I was feeling trapped by the 9-5, and  I thought there were no other options.

So here are Dolly's limiting beliefs and what I'd like to say to her about them:

 1) ‘Working 9-5 what a way to make a living, barely gettin by, it’s all taking and no giving.’


Seriously darling, if you are barely getting by how is this life serving you? You only get one life, this is not a rehearsal.

2)‘It’s a rich man’s game, no matter what they call it and you spend your life putting money in his pocket….’


So you are putting money in his pocket, you’re skint and it’s making you crazy…..

Tell me again while you’re still in this job?  Also, who said it’s a rich man’s game? How do you know? Why not a rich women’s game and why can’t that women be you? Why not you?

3)‘In the same boat as a lot of your friends, waiting for the day your ship will come in, the tide’s gonna turn and it’s all going to roll your way!’


Where to start with this one! Okay firstly, just because a lot of your friends are doing it does not mean there are no other options.

Secondly, I’m sorry to be the one to break it to you, but the only person that can save you from this is yourself.

Stop dreaming about winning the lottery and start thinking about what you really want in life.

How much more time are you willing to waste sitting around bitching about your boss?  If you want things to change it all depends on you. How much do you want this Dolly?  

4)‘There’s a better life and you dream about it don’t you?’


Yes finally! You have a dream! What does it feel like to be in that dream? What does it look like? When you poured yourself that cup of ambition this morning what was in it? What one thing do you love to do so much that it no longer feels like work? Start visualising what it would be like to do that for a job. What one small thing could you do today towards making that happen?

So if you feel like Dolly, please understand there is a better life. As a Hypnotherapist and Coach I help women to visualise what they want and to take action to actually get them there. The brain loves direct instructions so it’s best to make sure you are giving it the right ones.

Why not start today by spending time thinking about what you really want life to be like.


✨Dream Big

Josie x


When big decisions pay off

I'm feeling so grateful today! It's half term school holidays this week in the UK and I'm home with my two children week. I'm watching them play and laugh together and listening to them argue and I'm grateful for it all! Every messy, stressy, beautiful bit of it! 

I'm so glad that it's me that gets to spend the day with them and nobody else,  but most of all I'm grateful to my previous self for making the decision to leave the management career ladder and become a Mumpreneur!

When you make a big choice or decision you might not see the impact straight away. At first life might feel harder, but trust me when I say you WILL see the results ,even if it's much later than you imagined. It has happened this way to me many times and I'm sure it will again! 

So, what can you do today that your future self will thank you for?

Love Josie 🌸

So happy but so terrified!

Before I got pregnant I didn't know what worry was ...

I was a successful manager earning great money. I was the creator of amazing projects. I had respect from the people I managed and from the community I served. Everybody praised my work. I felt loved, I felt good. But I dreamed of being a mother. It was everything to me to have a child. It was something I 'had' to do. 

When at last I found out I was pregnant I was over the moon! Things hadn't been straight forward for us but it was everything I ever dreamed of.

So much so that it felt too good to be true.

This is when it all started for me. Worry hit hard!

I was constantly terrified of things going wrong. Every mile stone brought brief relief but before long I was back to experiencing daily agonising worry.

When the big day came and I finally held my 1st beautiful baby boy, all my dreams came true, I felt so lucky!  From the moment we met I felt I'd known him my whole life, I was in love. The biggest version of love I'd ever known. A scary kind of love. Love so big that it hurt. 

This made me a great mother but also a great worrier. I needed everything to be perfect for him- always. I needed to be with him -always. 

I would continuously be checking my baby, day and night. Making sure everything was perfect and that he was okay. I would strap him into his car seat and then drive up the road and pull over and check him again and again.These kinds of obsessional thoughts started happening more and taking up more time each day.

I was continuously comparing myself to other mothers who I felt knew what they were doing. I  always felt that other mothers were doing a better job than me. If my baby wasn't sleeping I felt it was because I was doing everything wrong and that I was failing.

My head was always spinning with things that 'might happen' to me and my family. My day was taken up by feeling terrified of things that could possibly go wrong. I could create a full feature length movie with the catastrophic stories that would 'pop' into my head.  

This was happening daily, not because I wasn't happy but because I was so happy I was terrified!

Maternity leave ended and I started back at work. At first, it felt great. But soon those familiar feelings returned. I had these conflicting thoughts and worries racing around my head constantly. 

I was doubting myself as a mother every day. Asking myself:

 Do I have the right balance or home and work time?

Will my son  get enough attention from me? 

How will I make it worthwhile?

Am I a good enough mother?

I was doubting myself professionally every day. Constantly debating:

Am I good enough ?

Am I doing a good job? 

Will people believe in me?

What do other mothers think of me? 

I was rushing around always stressed and always tired. Trying to solve parenting battles and work challenges all at the same time.

I was ignoring so many warning signs from my body that I needed to stop and make changes. I was getting constant colds and a strange skin rash on my hands. I had neck pain and I would wake several times a night , even when the baby slept through.

The final straw came when I started getting chest pains at work when I was in meetings. 

I visited my doctor and told him that I was worried I was asthmatic. He was blunt and asked me how life was at the moment. He then went on to explain how anxiety causes chest pain and other symptoms that I was experiencing.I was totally shocked!

I had no idea that it was possible for the thoughts in my head to have an impact on my body! Everything made sense and soon I was booked in with a Hypnotherapist for some much-needed help.

It changed EVERYTHING!

I discovered a new way of thinking.......

I learned about the power of the mind and I realized that all of those thoughts were not only draining and pointless and not serving me but also having a profound impact on my body.

I learned how to take control of self-doubt, anxiety and most importantly I learned that I could choose my thoughts.

 I started sleeping better and waking up feeling ready to take on the day.

I learned to motivate myself. To plan and to structure my life without settling my standards too high.

I felt I finally understood what was going on in my head and how to control it.

I could think clearly again and I got my confidence back

I love my family and I love my work. I have a time for all of it. I even have time for myself.

That's what I want to do for other women. 

If this sound like you, don't waste another day stuck with these negative thoughts and feelings. Start now by emailing me, let's talk about you........



School Holidays: Heaven or Hell?


If your in the UK and have school aged children like me most likely you are at the end of the Easter Holidays.

I have to admit after two long weeks my energy levels are flagging a tad today. Okay i'll admit it I'm flagging big time! For me it's 75% heaven and 25% hell most days. That can vary within seconds! 

It's not that I don't enjoy being with my children, because I really do and its not to say that I'm un -grateful that I have the flexibility to work term time only- I really heart that also!

It's the endless thinking of amazingly pintrest and instragram worthy activities......

The endless meal preparation..... "what do you mean you are hungry AGAIN?!"

The constant tidying up...

The fact that they are growing tired of each others company and are arguing over EVERY SINGLE LITTLE THING!

The absolutely 0 time out until they are in bed.


These are all normal things right? But being at home constantly with children makes it like a pressure cooker. Like you are rowing a boat and not getting anywhere.  


It's so easy to fall in the trap of comparing yourself to others in situations like these. I have been feeling really bad about myself. Asking myself why am I finding this stressful when other mothers look like they have this nailed?


But you know what? That does not help one bit. I am never going to be "other mothers" I am only ever going to be me.


So I've decided from here on in, when ever I feel like I'm not succeeding in something, instead of looking around at others who are doing better than me, I'm going to ask myself:

"What do I need to make this better?"


The answer this school holiday for me is:

 "I need structure to my days!"

I need everyday to have a beginning, a middle and an end. To have a purpose and a plan. That's what helps me to feel good and happy and like I've succeeded each day.

That is why I struggle with the school holidays because every day can feel so open ended. 

So I'm not going to judge myself on this and feel bad anymore. I'm going to learn from this and make sure I give myself what I need in the future.

My question for you is:

"What do you need to make things better for you today?


You probably need something totally different to me.You might need to be outside more, to see more adults. What ever it is,find a way to make it happen! You deserve to be looked after too. 

Happy holidays xx