School Holidays: Heaven or Hell?


If your in the UK and have school aged children like me most likely you are at the end of the Easter Holidays.

I have to admit after two long weeks my energy levels are flagging a tad today. Okay i'll admit it I'm flagging big time! For me it's 75% heaven and 25% hell most days. That can vary within seconds! 

It's not that I don't enjoy being with my children, because I really do and its not to say that I'm un -grateful that I have the flexibility to work term time only- I really heart that also!

It's the endless thinking of amazingly pintrest and instragram worthy activities......

The endless meal preparation..... "what do you mean you are hungry AGAIN?!"

The constant tidying up...

The fact that they are growing tired of each others company and are arguing over EVERY SINGLE LITTLE THING!

The absolutely 0 time out until they are in bed.


These are all normal things right? But being at home constantly with children makes it like a pressure cooker. Like you are rowing a boat and not getting anywhere.  


It's so easy to fall in the trap of comparing yourself to others in situations like these. I have been feeling really bad about myself. Asking myself why am I finding this stressful when other mothers look like they have this nailed?


But you know what? That does not help one bit. I am never going to be "other mothers" I am only ever going to be me.


So I've decided from here on in, when ever I feel like I'm not succeeding in something, instead of looking around at others who are doing better than me, I'm going to ask myself:

"What do I need to make this better?"


The answer this school holiday for me is:

 "I need structure to my days!"

I need everyday to have a beginning, a middle and an end. To have a purpose and a plan. That's what helps me to feel good and happy and like I've succeeded each day.

That is why I struggle with the school holidays because every day can feel so open ended. 

So I'm not going to judge myself on this and feel bad anymore. I'm going to learn from this and make sure I give myself what I need in the future.

My question for you is:

"What do you need to make things better for you today?


You probably need something totally different to me.You might need to be outside more, to see more adults. What ever it is,find a way to make it happen! You deserve to be looked after too. 

Happy holidays xx