When big decisions pay off

I'm feeling so grateful today! It's half term school holidays this week in the UK and I'm home with my two children week. I'm watching them play and laugh together and listening to them argue and I'm grateful for it all! Every messy, stressy, beautiful bit of it! 

I'm so glad that it's me that gets to spend the day with them and nobody else,  but most of all I'm grateful to my previous self for making the decision to leave the management career ladder and become a Mumpreneur!

When you make a big choice or decision you might not see the impact straight away. At first life might feel harder, but trust me when I say you WILL see the results ,even if it's much later than you imagined. It has happened this way to me many times and I'm sure it will again! 

So, what can you do today that your future self will thank you for?

Love Josie 🌸