I used to think I was unlucky....

I used to think I was unlucky. I used tell people that all the time.

Spoiling any positive aspect of my life by working out in advance how it could all quite possibly go horribly wrong...

Spending time in my head creating a feature length Hollywood movie- complete with all the horrifically embarrassing details of my predicted miss-fortune.


When life has served you nothing but stress and sh*t sandwiches it's easy to feel that life will always be that way.
At the end of the day BAD THINGS CAN HAPPEN and you have the proof.

It's easy to think you will always feel on edge and that being anxious is just part of who you are...



Life changed for me when I realised that in order to be lucky, I had to believe that luck was possible.
I had to anticipate happiness for happiness to be mine.

Now I know that there is always a way forward because there are always changes that can be made!

And it's the same for you....

Your behaviour is not who you are!
Your past does not define you!

You can change your perspective!
You can learn to change your reactions and actions!
Your past is in the past!

All you need to do is stop, take a breath and begin.

So are you ready.? your life is waiting..?