It's ok to move the goal posts

The key to setting goals without overwhelm is flexibility.

There was a time in my life... a time I refer to as my stress head days... when I wouldn't have even considered changing a goal. I would have seen it as giving up, as a sign of weakness.


The thing that I didn't realise about goals then is they are always a work in progress.

We start with an idea and that turns into a plan with steps that we need to follow.


sometimes life gets in the way, things change, we learn something new, our priorities change or we just change our minds. Our intuition tells us that we need to change direction and focus on a different path.

If we carry on regardless and don't listen to our intuition everything feels forced. You end up dragging yourself along but if your hearts just not in it. In the end It will get you down.

Changing your mind is ok 🤔
Following your intuition is ok 🙄

Being flexible and listening to what feels right will pay off.

So do you feel like you need to move the goal posts?
What would you like to change or let go of right now?

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