CONFESSIONS of a Hormonal womAn

One is feeling very hormonal.......

Do you find that your mind chatter gets worse when you’re hormonal? 

You know ,those worries that are normally in the back of your mind that you can normally push to one side? Do they suddenly start speaking up?

I’m finding  that my pregnancy hormones have really kicked in this week and it’s like the volume has been turned up on the mind chatter big time. I normally find this happens once a month too. It’s kind of like voice of negativity taking over. Making me question everything, worry about things that might not happen and take everything personally.....

I know when it’s happening. It normally starts with anxiety filled dreams. Wanting to cancel plans and generally holding myself back from anything that might make me feel worse. 

When the negativity monster pops in all I want to do is get it back in its box as quickly as possible because I know it’s not the real me. Right now i know it’s just my hormones and it will pass. 

Sometimes it’s not my hormones. My negativity monster can triggered by life stress, tiredness or just other people being people. What ever starts it, i know that it it’s only temporary. 

I used to feel like a massive failure if I had an off week. I used to just think I was being dramatic and silly, or that I should grow a thicker skin. But actually it is completely normal but I don’t have to let it take over. 

There are 3 thing that I’ve found that make me feel better quickly: 

  1. Having awareness of what’s going on for me, the general pattern that it follows and being ok with that. This too shall pass. 

  2. Giving myself permission to rest. Exhausted me is not a very positive person. The more I rest the better I feel. That means giving myself permission to cancel some stuff and not feeling bad about it. 

  3. Fresh air! Getting outside into the daylight and fresh air is massively under estimated. Even if it’s just walking to the shop it really does lift the mood. 

You can’t stop the rain from falling but you can fashion yourself with a good umbrella ☂️ 

Can you relate? Which of these work for you?

I hope this helps someone today & now I’m off for a power nap!! 

Josie XX 

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