What ever happens you will handle it

This week I feel like I’ve been shielding bullets flying in my direction. Every best laid plan has gone out of the window.

Firstly, I’ve had sick kids at home so I’ve had to change appointments to be on mummy duty. That’s ok, that’s what mums are for. 

Then extra anti natal appointments to check on my baby who apparently is on the small size but thankfully very healthy. 

To top it off I’ve had tech issues that have really slowed me down in my plan to record all the modules for my new course. WiFi has not been my friend at all this week!  And we are still unpacking after moving house. 

All my plans have had to shift and everything has had to change. I know worst things can happen in life, trust me they have in the past, but changing  plans is a big challenge for me that I’ve had to work on. I like routine. I like things to happen when visualised they would. 

Changes like this used to really send me into a panicky, manic, stressy mess.  

I’d fly off into my imagination thinking about all the things that might happen and how stressful it was all going to be. 

I’ve had to learn to manage my thoughts around sudden change so I can change my reactions and stop my negative, panic mind from taking over and spiralling into a full on stress attack. 

The key for me has been in reframing each change situation and looking for the positives.

It’s made a big difference to many areas of my life. I feel so much more resilient because I know I can shift my perspective. 

But it didn’t come naturally to me at all. 

How about you? Do you find change spins you out or do you just roll with it? 

If you are like the old me then start to notice what’s going on for you when it happens. What thoughts are you having? Ask yourself how you could you change your perspective? 

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Wishing you a wonderful positive week and remember, what ever happens you will handle it.