Rest and restoration are vital to ensure we are mentally and emotionally at our best.

So when you are starting to feel the burn here are 3 things even busy little you can do to heal yourself. These things won't just make you feel better they will also reboot your brain chemistry. You can't argue with science!

1) Take a Shavasana. 
A Shavasana is the corpse pose used at the end of yoga to rejuvenate the body. You quite simply lay down on your back, breathe deeply and rest. Releasing stress and tension by allowing your body to heal.  Do this for 5, 10, 20,mins. or an hour. It really doesn't matter. The body will still restore itself.

(If you struggle with emptying your mind and would like some guided meditations to  help you chill out scroll to the end of this post.)

2) Have a  5 min dance party! 
This can be either in the car or in your house, alone or with a friend or pet. Find some music that really moves you and sing it loud! Turn up the value as loud as you can so you can almost feel it shaking your insides. Let your voice belt out the tune, even if you can't sing. Get that loud voice from within and scream out those notes. Feel your blood rushing and heart pounding as you jump around like a crazy woman. You will feel refreshed!

3) Connect with another human! 
Find time in your busy life to reconnect with someone who makes you feel completely at ease. Talk it out. Laugh. Go for a walk. Allow yourself to offload and be heard. Show your true self. Don't hold back.  People need people to be healthy. But if we spend our time pretending we don't feel the benefits. 

So, which will you try this week? Why not pop me a reply and let me know which one you enjoy the most. 

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