Break the guilty habit....

Wherever I go she is there, pointing out things that I should be doing.

Showing up uninvited just to remind me of what could be improved.

She makes me feel terrible about lots of things. Making me question the small things, like the clothes I never wear or how much time I don’t spend doing housework and the big things like .....

Do my children eat well enough?
Do I do enough activities with them? Am I fully appreciating every tiny moment of their childhoods?

The list is endless.....

I should spend more time relaxing...
I should spend more time on my business....
I should exercise more ....
I should work less or earn more....
I could be a vegetarian... why am I not a vegetarian?

Does my house look tidy enough?

Should I stop spending money and save it for a rainy day or should I be investing in myself?

She’s been there for years- It’s a constant battle of willpower.
A battle that I used to lose. I used to get so caught up, listening to her every word, trying to be all things to all people. Trying to be perfect.

Now I know how to silence her. How to change my focus to all of my achievements and to drown her out her boring nagging voice that pushes me too hard and creates high and unachievable expectations. 

Here's how you can do the same:

1) Understand that guilt is like a bully and bullies respond to strength.......So it's time to be strong and not let that voice be heard.

2) Work out how often guilt shows up for you. 
What is guilt saying to you?
How is it impacting on your emotions?

3) Each time you feel guilty, ask yourself:

Is this is something I want to do something about or just something I feel I should do something about?  Choose to take action on the things you truly feel need your attention. 

4) Start to notice all of your little achievements even the small things and write them down. Celebrate each one and be proud of all that you do. That way you are overriding guilt with joy. Joy is so much more fun to have around. 

Let's break this guilty habit together! 

Love Josie xx