Is Anxiety Blocking Your Intuition?

Have you ever had that feeling that something just isn't right? 


A strong pull telling you to take action?


 A niggle, a sinking feeling that you just can't shift? 

It can feel like anxiety. It can feel like we are being overdramatic, overly negative or just plain scared. 

For years I've ignored hunches like these. Especially when everyone else around me has not felt the same.

I've often felt the pressure to conform.
To be a good girl. 
To follow the crowd.
To ignore those feelings screaming inside my heart and listen to the opinion of others instead of myself. 

Sometimes I have over intellectualised. Looking at the black and white of a situation does not always give you a true picture. 

Sometimes it's our heart that knows the truth. 

If I look back, this has shown up in my life soooooooooo many times. 

The jobs, I should have never applied for. 
Boys I should never have dated. 
Houses I should never have rented. 
Friendships I should have stepped away from. 

So why do we do this time and time again?  

Why do we ignore our heart feelings and listen to our heads instead?

Acting on a strong intuitive pull like this often means we have to step outside of our comfort zone. 

We have to dare to be different and to stand up for what we know to be right.

 We confuse these strong feelings with anxiety and see it as a  personal weakness.

But maybe, just maybe, if we start to listen to ourselves more we will see that this as our greatest strenght.

 Because when you think about it, our intuition is our greatest superpower. 

Here's what you can do today....

Get our your favourite
 notebook and get ready to reflect. 

Write down all of the times in your life that you had that 'feeling' that something wasn't right or was a bad decision and you ignored it. 

As you think about each situation close your eyes. Focus on what happened. What did you feel? Where in your body did you feel it? what was your heart trying to tell you? What has this taught you?