4 weeks postpartum...

4 weeks of broken sleep has been worth it for all the baby snuggles. That said I’m feeling the burn of recovering from major surgery an anaesthetic plus looking after two kids and and baby. 

I’m so grateful for everyone who’s checked in on me and helped with the boys. Friends that have delivered cake and biscuits and just dropped me a text to say hi. You are true stars. 

Being unable to drive or exercise aside from walking has been a massive mental challenge for me. I  being forced to experience life in the slow lane. Normally I’m running around at full pelt. Even after my second baby I was back to normal duties within a matter of days. This time I’m being made to rest and to take a step back and let others help. Not an easy task for someone like me who’s naturally over functioning at the best of times. 

Also the staples of my good mental health diet have also been taken away. I’ve always used exercise, keeping busy and connected to others as a way of keeping anxiety and low mood from taking over. 

Right now I can feel the walls are coming in on me. As an introvert I don’t have a problem spending time alone but there can be too much of a good thing. The low feelings are there bubbling under the surface - I can feel them rising up at different times of the day . But I know it’s not the real me. I’m a victim of circumstance and I can feel my brain chemistry is matching that. It’s my job to try and turn that around.

Maybe you can relate in your own life? That feeling of lowness can creep in at anytime. 

Here’s what’s working for me to get back on top: 

  1. Introducing a basic routine. Nothing too rigid as I have a baby to look after but trying to do the same things at the same time to make a structure to the day helps me feel in control. 

  2. Fresh air and seeing the sky. So far I’ve only managed sitting in the garden on my own but today I’m challenging myself to do a proper walk with the pram. 

  3. Planning to see people. Although my inner introvert wants to just stay in the house and stay quiet I know I feel better when I have one or two things planned. I can always cancel - right? 

  4. Noticing the good things all around.  Taking time to be grateful for what I have by listing what’s been good in my day just in my head. Reminding myself that all my achievements big or small matter....

    Starting with writing this. I can only hope it helps someone somewhere today to start feeling better. 💗

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Rest and restoration are vital to ensure we are mentally and emotionally at our best.

So when you are starting to feel the burn here are 3 things even busy little you can do to heal yourself. These things won't just make you feel better they will also reboot your brain chemistry. You can't argue with science!

1) Take a Shavasana. 
A Shavasana is the corpse pose used at the end of yoga to rejuvenate the body. You quite simply lay down on your back, breathe deeply and rest. Releasing stress and tension by allowing your body to heal.  Do this for 5, 10, 20,mins. or an hour. It really doesn't matter. The body will still restore itself.

(If you struggle with emptying your mind and would like some guided meditations to  help you chill out scroll to the end of this post.)

2) Have a  5 min dance party! 
This can be either in the car or in your house, alone or with a friend or pet. Find some music that really moves you and sing it loud! Turn up the value as loud as you can so you can almost feel it shaking your insides. Let your voice belt out the tune, even if you can't sing. Get that loud voice from within and scream out those notes. Feel your blood rushing and heart pounding as you jump around like a crazy woman. You will feel refreshed!

3) Connect with another human! 
Find time in your busy life to reconnect with someone who makes you feel completely at ease. Talk it out. Laugh. Go for a walk. Allow yourself to offload and be heard. Show your true self. Don't hold back.  People need people to be healthy. But if we spend our time pretending we don't feel the benefits. 

So, which will you try this week? Why not pop me a reply and let me know which one you enjoy the most. 

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