Lets get visible with BUSINESS CONFIDENCE



Do you feel like you are unable to show up in business in the way you want to?

Would you love to be able to get out there and shout about your fantastic business but you just feel so horrendously nervous?

When you are putting yourself and your business out there online and in the real world, the fear of judgement is so strong!

Your creativity, your personality is out there for everyone to see and comment on. Not only your potential customers but everyone you know. 

This fear is as real to you as if a bear was chasing you down the road. It makes you want to run and hide. Stop standing out and start standing back.

 It is totally normal to feel this way, but it doesn't have to be your reality.

We've all heard the phrase ' Feel the fear and do it anyway.'

But ,for sometimes that just is not enough. Some people need more than that kick in the right direction. This fear you feel is perceived by your brain as a real life threat to life and that needs specific attention.

 Hypnotherapy & Coaching can relieve these feelings of fear and start you moving forward and making an impact fast!

 Through  the power of mental rehearsal  and  by learning tried and tested techniques you can to create calmness and control. A transformation that will powerfully enhance your business vision and performance.

So, would you like to feel thrills instead of chills from viability in just 4 sessions?

Would you love to:


  • Be able to put yourself out there calmly clearly and confidently?

  • Kiss goodbye to that crippling shame of not being where you want to be?

  • Shift that feeling of self doubt?

  • Feel that magical buzz from being out there and consistency showing up as the real you?

  • Feel proud of what you have created?


Introducing .......

The Business Confidence Boost


Session 1)  Understanding you and your fear -Helping you to understand what's going on in your head so you can take back control.

Session 2) Detox -  This session is all about targeting those unconformable feelings and changing them into confidence and excitement. 

Session 3) Creating your personal vision -Together we will focus on your unique message and you will learn how to visualise your target audience for ultimate impact. 

Session 4)  Review - This session will take place two or 3 weeks later to review your progress and take action to increase your visibility goals. 

Also included: 

-Speak with Confidence hypnosis audio track. 

-Motivational hypnosis audio track. 

- Recordings of all sessions. 

Katie Mayes - PR Coach

Katie Mayes - PR Coach


All sessions are delivered via zoom and require a good internet connection and a space and time when you will not be disturbed.

Price:   £ 347.00

Instalment options available.