Do you need help to stay on track and motivated? 

Maybe you feel like you are constantly hitting road blocks that throw you off course...

As women we have a natural cyclic nature which means we sometimes suffer with dips in motivation and energy.

These emotional changes can cause us to regularly feel like we have a loss of our normal confidence and productivity and an in increase in feelings of stress and worry.

It can sometimes feel like you are constantly taking two steps forward and two steps back.  All the while that voice in your head is telling you that you need to do more. That you should be further along by now!

So many women that I speak to feel this way, especially as social media shows everyone’s life highlights all the live long day. It's easy to think we should all be on top form 24-7.

 (Comparison really is the thief of joy...)

All you really want is to feel like you are getting somewhere so you can see your dream goals starting to become a reality.... know that you can get yourself back on track when ever you feel down. 

With the right support, you can !

Join me for a monthly 90 min 1:1  MOTIVATION RESET AND EMOTIONAL HEALTH STRATEGY SESSION and learn to understand yourself better, get that magic motivation back and start leaping forward!

During each monthly session we will: 


  • redefine your goals, your vision and how you want to feel

  • put in place personalised strategies to boost your motivation and well-being

  • create an action plan to start you moving forward towards your goals one step at a time

working mum stress


This 3 month support package includes: 

✅ 3  x 90 min 1:1 calls

✅ support via Voxer or messenger for the entire 3 months

✅ hypnotherapy& visualisation audio resources

Investment - £247.00

To book pop your details on the form below and I will contact you to arrange a free 30 min phone consultation. 

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