Would you like to be able to take the pressure off and feel calmer? 


Is your head a hectic place to hang out?


Do you constantly get stuck over analysing everything?


Worrying too much and not having enough fun?


Would you love to be able to fully relax but you never feel able to give yourself a break?


Maybe you spend a lot of time doing things for other people and solving their problems too!




Having all of this head clutter going on is totally and utterly exhausting!


Literally,  it drains your body of energy and stops you from thinking clearly!


Meaning you are missing out on actually living in the moment and enjoying your own life….


Leaving you feeling stressed out,  drained and resentful !




You can learn how to change things!

You can take back control!

You can learn to turn down the noise!

You can start focusing on you!

So you can fully enjoy all of what life has to offer!


So are you ready to make changes? 


If you’re shouting YES, YES, YES then Join my 4 week group learning experience:

Creating headspace: 4 weeks to get out of your head and into your life! 


This course will allow you to: 


Make space for more of what you love


✅Understand your  thoughts, feelings and reactions


✅Stop anxiety in it’s tracks by taking back control of your thoughts


✅Feel motivated and positive


✅Learn to relax your mind and body


Focus on what you want in life


✅Start putting yourself at the top of your priority list


✅Create a personalised action plan for long term change


Here’s what we will cover : 

Week 1 - How your thoughts impact on your world

Week 2-  How to change the way you talk to yourself

Week 3-  Keeping your stress levels down

Week 4-  Making space for what you love

Plus the opportunity to discuss any other issues that come up, ask questions and gain support from like minded women.

****DATES- 20TH JUNE - 14TH JULY****

Here’s how you will learn:

The course will be hosted in a secret Facebook group that will only be visible to group members. This group will remain open after the course has finished so that you can remain connected with your fellow members.

Within the group there will be:

~2 Live in depth training sessions each week.(which you can always watch on replay.)

~Quick and easy worksheets with activities to implement your learning.

~Q&A sessions as part of the training

~The opportunity to ask a question anytime within the group

~Peer support from fellow members

Ready TO SIGN UP ?

Hit the button to sign up and pay just £197.00 !


-1 group coaching call for the 1st 4 sign ups! 

-An introduction to EFT session with the amazing Andrea Hood.

-Daily Hypnotherapy: 

The course comes with two powerful hypnosis audio tracks to use alongside the course. One to use every night while you sleep and one to help you release anxiety whenever you need to. ( value £75)


****20TH OF JUNE--14TH OF JULY****


This course is for you if:

You’re ready to learn

You’re ready to make changes

You’re to take action


You’re ready to really start enjoying your life


This is not for you if: 

You’re not ready to learn something new

You want someone else to fix it

You’re looking for a magic pill

You’re happy to stay as you are

How to join:

1.Register your details by hitting the REGISTER ME button above and proceed to payment by clicking submit.

2.Make sure you have read the TERMS & CONDITIONS.

3.Once payment has been you will be added to the secret Facebook group.

4.Course beginning tuesday the 20th of June -Training times to be confirmed.


What if I miss a session? 

All sessions will be run via facebook live in the private group so you can watch all of the training and do the tasks in your own time. If you miss a session you can just catch up whenever suits you.

Do have to be live to ask a question?

Nope, you can send me your questions either before the session so I answer them in the video or privately. You can post a question onto the group anytime or ask in the video comments and I will come back to you. 

What if I need more help?

During the 4 weeks I will support you to work through the course materials and answer any questions you may have. If you feel you would like more support then you can book in with me for 1;1 support.

How long will the group stay open? 

The group will remain open to members ( for as long as Facebook is around), so you can continue to revisit the videos and worksheets and keep in touch with fellow members in a safe space. 

Can I remain anonymous? 

Yes, you can take part in this course without even posting or commenting once if that’s what you want to do. You can send questions to me privately and apart from welcoming you to the group I won’t force you to be visible. However, it has to be said that small supportive groups such as these can be incredibly beneficial and supportive.

Can I pay in instalments ? 

You can pay in two instalments - please email me to arrange this. All payments must be made on time or you will be removed from the group. 

Is the hypnosis audio safe?

Using the hypnosis audio every night will have a huge impact on how you feel, meaning you sleep better and wake feeling motivated and able to remain in control of your thoughts. It’s completely safe  and very relaxing but you must not listen to it whilst driving. 

Here's what other people have said about my group learning programmes:

I loved Josie's upbeat and positive attitude
Bite sized chunks of information to listen to /watch and then the chance to follow through with action
Each session provided what we needed to learn without lots of waffle/tech info. Josie simplified it beautifully which made it much easier for this busy mum to watch, assimilate and do.
The diagrams - loved the visuals - helped me connect the dots!

It's really helped me to not feel as stressed.
Being reminded that we can't do it all - it's easy to think that you need to do everything and it's made me be more realistic now.
Putting myself into a more positive frame of mind has really helped me move my business forward.

Whilst taking the course I was deciding on whether to resign from my job. I have done that this week and Josie's techniques really helped me keep calm when the gremlins tried to start screaming!

Because the steps provided were simple to remember I can implement them in daily life.

Doing 3 tasks each day and sticking to just 3 has made a big impact on me.
This has put me in a more consistent positive frame of mind.
Also remembering that I may not be able to banish certain people from my life but learning how to cope with them and then keeping / seeing the people that make me feel good in life more.

I really liked the flexibility of it, the short bite size sections, the background information on how the brain works and physically affects the body, the hints and tips to refer back to
and having open access for a period of time.

I really appreciated the Facebook check in's - and FB messages - keeping contact - offering support kept me accountable.Thank you so much Josie, it was a great course and I really enjoyed it.

Simply awesome. Josie - your video's have brought together lots of things that I knew already - but you have sewn them together beautifully so I've got a real clear picture and understanding of the whole process And can now clearly see how thoughts impact on my body.  I really feel that you've unlocked a door for me. I'm already putting your techniques into practice.

I really enjoyed this course Josie, it made me start to reflect on my thought patterns and remind to use tools at my own disposal to stop that behaviour before it spirals again.