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Imagine a day where you wake up filled with a sense of calm, feel excited to work on your projects and ideas, channel enormous creativity into taking action on your dreams and don’t feel irritated by the small things in life: traffic, school lunch boxes, poor wifi and no milk left for your morning coffee. 

How would it feel to have your mojo back again - to have the desire to create , run, play, eat healthy food and enjoy life effortlessly?

You see, when you’re sleep deprived on a long term basis, you feel more anxious, irritable and drained. Your confidence plummets as your life swirls around you, getting more and more out of control and further still from a good night’s sleep. 

Because that’s really ALL you need: a good night’s sleep!

So, if you are:


  • A BUSY woman who’s just about holding it all together but secretly dreams of sleeping peacefully in a luxury hotel bed for a week…

  • A seasoned MULTITASKER who dreads the day when all the spinning plates come crashing down…

  • A mum who hasn’t slept properly in years and just wants to feel like her former vibrant self again with the energy and enthusiasm to really live life…

....then INSOMNIA ESCAPE is your golden ticket to dreamland!


I’m Josie, Emotional Health Coach and Hypnotherapist. I help women just like you to feel empowered to transform your emotional health, so you can create a worry free mindset and build a lifestyle you love.


As someone who used to worry for the sake of worrying (and then some) my experiences in the corporate world took me on a journey where good sleep became a thing of the past. I felt physically and emotionally burnt out and knew something had to change.


Since then, I’ve spent over a decade supporting women as they embark on their personal journey to overcome fear, worry and anxiety so they can live a calm, confident life on their own terms.


“I had my first good sleep last night in months and all because of the work I've done with Josie. I'm so delighted and feel like a different person. I'd literally given up hope of getting a good restful sleep naturally so this is a huge win for me and has more importantly given me hope for the sleep in the future.”




Insomnia Escape is an 8 week 1-1 coaching programme for ambitious,  women who want to get out of a negative sleep cycle, switch off the constant busy brain buzz so they can gain more energy, clarity and creativity in their professional and personal life.


By the end of the 8 weeks of support you will feel  like you again.

  • You’ll feel safe to relax, confident in your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep and, most importantly, you’ll sleep soundly and wake feeling rested and calm. 

  • Your personal relationships will improve and you’ll feel more calm around the people who used to leave you stressed and drained. 

  • Your creative mojo will be back in action so you can start taking more inspired action towards your big goals. 

The  world might not stop, but you will!


Insomnia Escape solves your sleep problems by using a multi-pronged approach. It will enable you to:


  • Declutter your mind

  • Strengthen self care and honour your body

  • Boost serotonin levels (happy hormones in the brain)

  • Reduce cortisol and adrenaline (because if you go to sleep wired, you wake up tired)

  • Reduce feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, anger, sadness and exhaustion

  • Enjoy better quality sleep


Insomnia Escape gets sleep working for you.


No more sleep fear. No more missed opportunities. No more self-sabotage.

Insomnia Escape is a 4 week course delivered through  one-on-one sessions via video call.

It’s an intensive course designed to take you from busy-brained, anxious and drained to sleeping soundly with a renewed vitality and enthusiasm for life and ambitions


The course includes:

  • 4 x 60 MINUTE 1:1 SESSIONS , via video call or face to face.

  • Worksheets to support coaching sessions.

  • Audio downloads.

  • Resources toolbox to ensure you’re supported in every situation.



Sleep is the foundation for everything. Good sleep will change your life. 


When you join Insomnia Escape you have access to all materials, including audio downloads, for life. 

Investment in your health, your sleep and your future is £347.00

Payment plan avaialble

(First payment taken as a deposit at time of booking.)


Are you ready to take control of your body, your mind and your sleep patterns?

What will happen if you don’t sort your sleep issues out now?


  • You’ll continue to reduce your vital physical and mental energy resources.

  • You’ll grow more tired and anxious and damage personal relationships.

  • You could suffer secondary health issues such as weight problems, poor fitness and depression.

  • You’ll miss opportunities in your business, find it difficult to attract new clients and lose income.

  • You’ll feel less confident and less satisfied with life.


Fixing poor sleep patterns is easy with the right support and resources. 


The question is, can you risk not sorting your sleep problems out now? 


What will happen if you leave it another three months? Or six months? Or a year?

How will that feel? What will your life look like?



Insomnia Escape is for you if:


  • You’re tired of being tired and want to change your habits now.

  • You’re almost at breaking point and desperately want to feel like you again.

  • You’re ready to take action every day to learn how to retrain your mindset for good sleep.

  • You’re fed up of not achieving your goals and want to transform your life, starting with your sleep.

  • You acknowledge you have sleep issues and understand you need professional support.


Insomnia Escape is NOT for you if:


  • You’re not ready to take small steps every day to change your behaviour and mindset.

  • You’re not interested in taking professional advice.

  • You’d rather try pills and potions.

  • You think mindset work is ‘fluffy’ or a load of rubbish.

  • You don’t have a sleep problem.


Insomnia Escape will help you to shut down all your busy-brain tabs, enable you to feel safe to relax and will bring about restful sleep so that you can live every day to the full in all areas of your life. 





If you really want to swap poor sleep, feeling tired, unmotivated and uncreative all the time for restful sleep, increased energy, enhanced brain function and better relationships, then NOW is the time! 





Will I have to talk about my past problems?


Insomnia Escape is not about digging up the past, it’s about focusing on the NOW. If you’ve been put off therapy before because you were too scared to talk about your feelings, then this is the course for you. Practical, scientifically-proven techniques alongside gentle coaching and solution-focused hypnotherapy will give you the support, information and techniques you need to feel confident, calm and content.


Is there a payment plan?


Yes, payment plans are available. (First payment taken as a deposit at time of booking.)


What if my sleep problems aren’t mine (i.e. because of my husband’s snoring)?


Sleep problems can stem from both internal (anxiety, depression, fear, stress) and external (baby crying, husband snoring, neighbour’s loud music) sources. While I can’t change any of those external factors, I can help you to change your thought patterns around those issues and create a safe place in your mind for you to relax and recharge. When you begin to support and honour your body through a daily self-care programme, some of those external factors become far less of a problem.  Working on the mind has a cumulative effect and you’ll notice your inner ‘stress bucket’ slowly empties and life feels lighter and more joyful.


If you have any other questions or would like a 20 minute chat to discuss the suitability of Insomnia Escape for you, please click the link below. 


When you join Insomnia Escape you have access to all materials, including audio downloads, for life. 

Are you ready to take control of your body, your mind and your sleep patterns?

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