For OVER-THINKERS who are ready to leave behind unfulfilled dreams

Goal hypnotherapy

Do you have a goal that keeps sneaking away from you? 

Would you describe yourself as a woman with a big imagination (and a big heart) who loves to dream, set goals and start new projects but often gets stuck in over-thinking mode and ends up feeling frustrated and lost in self-doubt?

If so, you’re not alone!

In my work as a Coach and Hypnotherapist, I hear clients and friends describe the same set of characteristics, actions and reactions all the time. ALL.THE.TIME!

They have important goals such as;

  • starting further education

  • improving their health and well being

  • changing career

  • starting a business

  • getting a better work/ life balance

  • going for a promotion

  • public speaking

  • learning to drive

  • pushing their business forward

  • restarting a much loved hobby

They are all strong, resilient, creative and intelligent women, who are stuck in a cycle of starting a new project and then giving up. They don’t mean to give up of course, but the overthinking, the lack of clear strategy and the loss of focus leads to spells of demotivation.  Many are empathetic souls, prone to worrying a little too much about what others think of their plans and wanting to try to please everybody.

Do you see a little of yourself in this description? 

Unfortunately, by staying stuck in this cycle, many women find they end up with a knock-on effect on their relationships, their job or business success, their physical health or their mental and emotional health. And sometimes it simply takes too much effort to get ourselves back on to a healthier, more fulfilling path. 

So how can I help YOU?

I support women through life, career or business changes with a beautiful balance of feminine energy, encouragement and strategy so that you can be held accountable without the need for tough love.

Using various tools and techniques, I help you to master your mindset blocks and get rid of self-doubt or anxiety. I help you to begin taking consistent, daily action towards your goals so you can track your progress and move forward, ensuring your actions are aligned to your soul.

You’ll feel more energised, positive, confident and calm when you realise how empowering it is to put your true self at the centre of your goals.

If you’re a woman who wants to create an amazing future for herself 

but who also wants to make TODAY happy, then read on…

 Let me guess… right now you’re feeling S.T.U.C.K.?

  • You know you want to move forward but you keep losing focus.

  • You know what you want but … it’s just not happening for you.

  • Your motivation is rock bottom.

  • You keep setting goals but don’t get anywhere close to achieving them.

So, how is this affecting your personal life, career or business?

  • You’re not achieving your potential.

  • You feel unfulfilled, frustrated and annoyed with yourself.

  • Your self-worth and self-confidence are pretty low.

  • You’re wasting time… and that makes you feel even worse!

And how would you like to feel?

  • Like I’m making big progress and moving forward.

  • Happy that I’m taking action every day that feels right for me.

  • It’s easy to get back on track; I feel more resilient.

  • My goal is closer.

  • I’m focused and have a sense of purpose again.

Now take a few moments to imagine how your life will look AFTER you’ve stepped up, asked for support, invested in professional help and done the work you need to do…

Chances are, your vision probably looked something like this:

  • I feel optimistic, energised and excited.

  • I feel confident and vibrant; with a spring in my step.

  • My motivation has skyrocketed and I feel like I can do ANYTHING!

  • I’m open to trying new things and ready to embrace all the opportunities that come my way.

  • My life feels enriched and I can’t wait to take the next step, and the next…

Are you ready to get out of your head and into your life? 

I’m Josie, I’m a Coach and Hypnotherapist. It’s my passion and mission to help women just like you to learn the tools and techniques you need to get un-stuck and start building the lifestyle, career or business you dream of. 

I meet women every week who describe the most amazing dreams, goals and business ideas, but they all have one thing in common: they never quite make their dream life a reality.

They are stuck in a cycle of frustration!

But, I know there is a way to move forward so that each and every woman can achieve their potential and feel energised, excited and vibrant.

That’s why I’m passionate about helping women just like you 

to take action on your goals while looking after your soul.

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